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The effect of Rheumerase in Rhumatoid & osteo arthritis is well established in a study by Dr. Bhaskaran at Port Trust Hospital in Chennai.
INR 600.00


Magical oil for all muscular pain, frozen muscles and body ache. Rhumoil is prepared as per the methods listed in the ancient ayurvedic scriptures...
INR 80.00

The Brain Behind

Ayurvedea Rathna Dr. Nedungadi Haridas, Ph.D (Research Scholar), The principal guiding force and Brain behind Dr.Nedungadi’s Ayurvedic Centre and their products, Hailing from a lineage of Ayurvedic physicians and Possessing centuries old manuscripts and granthas, is also an ardent practitioner of Yoga and meditation, with skill in combining traditional methods and values with contemporary science techniques.

Dr.NAC's Products

Dr. NAC specializes in Premium and cost effective Herbal Products. All products are Organic, Non GMO, and Vegan. All Herbs and other ingredients (whether it be Flowers, leaves, stem, seeds or roots) are collected from selected natural places of growth or from organic farms and from approved suppliers and preserved, as specified in age old texts, prior to extraction of essence or use in product preparation, or part processed at the site of collection.

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I have used several brands in my life – yes, I used to buy, use it for few days and just throw them off since I never found the correct one so far.  But Dr. NAC’s Face Cream gave me an answer for a healthy, glowing skin. It's a moisturizer, foundation and a perfect sun screen, all rolled into one .

 I also liked the shampoo-it's a WOW!!!!

 And the body oil --loved that too!

--- Gouri Mohan, India

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