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Body and Beauty Care

Dr. NAC's FACE PACK 50 Gms

100% ayurvedic product. It’s a one stop solution for several skin ailments including pigmentation, acne and dullness. The face pack heals the epidermal layer to revitalize the facial skin and bring a glow to the face. Gentle enough to be used daily. Apply a thin layer on cleansed face. Wash thoroughly once dry. The pack contains several active rare herbal ingredients that gently exfoliate and nourish the skin from within.


INR 350.00


Delicate saffron from Kashmir valley is handpicked to prepare this rich oil. The cold pressed saffron oil along with the selected medicinal herbs are then used in a concentrated form to make this luxuriant cream as prescribed in ancient Indian scriptures (granthas). Keeps skin fair and moisturized. For all skin types. Use with Dr. NAC’s Nimbaderm Capsules to achieve superior results.


INR 1,800.00

Dr. NAC's BUST GEL 50 Gms

A breakthrough product; this bust gel intended for women from pubescent years onwards. For teens and women in their twenties the gel aids in the development of mammary tissues, resulting in an increased bust size. For women in their thirties and above the gel offers a firming and toning effect to the pectoral muscle and surrounding area.

A 100% ayurvedic vegetarian product, it includes oil infused with diverse herbs and minerals, cow and goat milk and ghee. The oil is steeped for several months to arrive at the right consistency and then transformed to gel. Massage the gel topically, twice daily for best results. Apply on clean area, contains products of lactic origin. Can be used by nursing mothers. For optimal results use in combination with Dr. NAC’s Curves Capsules.


INR 750.00


Tones and firms sagging breast tissue. Brings a noticeable improvement to the delicate breast tissues by improving micro circulation and increased prolactin level. This product demands an arduous technique and contains Asparagus Racemoses which is seasoned in cow’s milk with exposure to moonlight (Chandra sputa) during summer season to absorb lunar rays. Its effectiveness has been proved in clinical trials at Stanley Medical College and at JIPMER. Optimal results can be achieved by using a combination of curves and bust gel every day. Apply topically on clean area and massage in small circular motion for few minutes.


INR 600.00


Delicate saffron from Kashmir valley is handpicked and is used to prepare the oil for the under eye care . The saffron is incorporated at the end in nourishing rich virgin coconut oil and converted to a luxurious eye care which is prepared with exposure to sunlight (Soorya sputam). Helps in significant reduction of dark circles and crow’s feet. Use twice daily. For optimal results use in combination with Dr. NAC’s Nimbaderm Capsules.


INR 450.00


A well costituted Ayurvedic formula which can be called "ALL IN ONE". Nimbaderm has anti fungal & anti bacterial properties ; anti allergic effect ; being an immuno modular and hence increase the resistance to infection ; liver stimulant and hence detoxify the body ; being anti infective helps to keep skin condition balanced.


INR 600.00

Online sales is available only for India as of now and that sales outside India is expected to be available in the near future.