I have used several brands in my life – yes, I used to buy, use it for few days and just throw them off since I never found the correct one so far.  But Dr. NAC’s Face Cream gave me an answer for a healthy, glowing skin. It's a moisturizer, foundation and a perfect sun screen, all rolled into one .

 I also liked the shampoo-it's a WOW!!!!

 And the body oil --loved that too!

--- Gouri Mohan, India

I’m really happy and quite surprised that after 10 days of use, the breast became getting in shape and now my brassiere size is up by 3 cups. (about 10-12 cm).  I had to throw all my bras and get new, bigger ones.

--- a customer from Japan who used Bust Gel

A shampoo for life

Once you have tried Dr. NAC's herbal shampoo you won't be satisfied with anything else.  It is mild, lightly conditions your hair and leaves your scalp clean without over drying.  You know you are using a genuine Ayurvedic product with no negative effects whatsoever.  I use it along with Dr. NAC's Hair Gel and highly recommend the combination.

--- Priya Iyer, Boston, USA

Online sales is available only for India as of now and that sales outside India is expected to be available in the near future.