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The Product

Old Ayurvedic granthas prescribe the method of collection of the various herbs (whether it be leaves, fruits or roots), and the method of use and /or extraction of their essence and Eradi and Raaja Pharma strictly follow the laid down principles and have established methods with use of modern equipment and procedure to give same effectiveness.

Dr. Nedungadi Haridas, together with Eradi and Raaja Pharma have carried out extensive research and study over 20 years, on herbal and other ingredients used in their Ayurvedic products, from a variety of sources and locations and also during different seasons and also by varying the method of collection. For Dr. NAC it is not sufficient if the ingredient is labeled and sold as “White Oil” and may be highest priced in the market, but Dr. NAC will screen the supplier and also the source of procurement and their method of preparation and each batch is tested. Same is the case with even product like Saffron, which may be available at varying price range from Rs.80,000/ Kg to even Rs 400,000/ per Kg. The season during which the product is gathered and region from which it is gathered, the method of gathering, the method of preservation and extraction contributes to the effectiveness of the product and Dr. NAC has carried out extensive research in this area. For Dr. NAC the production center is like a temple and an Ayurvedic physician trained and specialized in preparation is always present at the time of product preparation. For Dr. NAC this is not a commercial activity but a service to bring relief, help or aid someone and every employee present at the production center is mentally and emotionally involved in preparation. Dr. NAC occasionally arranges guided tours of Dr. NAC product users to production centers to enable them to experience the serene atmosphere and the dedication and care .

Online sales is available only for India as of now and that sales outside India is expected to be available in the near future.